Post Date: 3 May 2016

APT at MCE Expocomfort 2016


For the third time APT attended MCE Mostra Convegno Expocomfort (March 15th to 18th), the biennial International exhibition dedicated to residential and industrial heating systems.


With a big stand in Pavilion 5, our company decided to lend wide visibility to SYSTRONIK BlueLine® portable analyzers suitable for flue gas, pressure and temperature measurements. Key features such as reliability, proficiency and accuracy permitted the German manufacturer to increase even more the client portfolio and application.

During the exhibition, APT presented for the first time to the Italian market the CAPBs®: modular, compact and easy to handle probes which can be used to measure flow, temperature, dew point and pressure.

Moreover, powerful impact has received FlowTemp®, flow and temperature measuring instruments series: a real tap with running water demonstrated the operating of FlowTemp M, simple and basic, and FlowTemp ST, digital andAFRISO-Bild-B smart: thanks to the new Eurosoft app, it can be linked with all types of smartphone and tablet.


Visitors could also get the functioning of industrial boiler CEMS ACS 2800 and of the dust measuring instrument STM 225: the practical and portable solution to measure particulate matter emissions of solid-fuel combustion systems.

Attending MCE 2016 meant, for APT, bringing innovations, new ideas and new concepts to the market and acquiring more exposure and reliability toward worldwide market operators.

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