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Post Date: 4 January 2021


Testimonianze redatte da società internazionali di primaria importanza

Published and distributed in more than 140 countries, GasWorld is one of the most important and widespread publications for the industrial gas market.

Each monthly issue of the magazine deals with a different theme, which is examined, in all its aspects, through articles and testimonials by international companies of primary importance in the reference market. In the December issue, dedicated to Food and Beverage, you will find an interesting article by APT on the analysis of CO2 quality.

APT has therefore decided to describe in detail the new CDS (Carbon Dioxide System) a state-of-art, fast and accurate continuous analysis system for the measuring the quality of CO2 at various purification stages.

The article was divided into paragraphs: starting from describing all the main sources of CO2, then we moved on to the description of the important purification process, to transform raw CO2 into pure and quality CO2, ready to be sold to the food industries.

To carry out this process, there are different technologies and applications: APT has opted for the innovative FTIR (Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy) technology, which allows the user to measure almost all the components required by the ISBT. The choice of this technology guarantees a fast and accurate measurement of several parameters at the same time, the analyzer has no consumables and requires minimal maintenance, does not require carrier or calibration gas and is completely managed by our XGAS Software , which stores all the data analyzed and issues the final report with the declaration of compliance of the gas with the standards set by ISBT.

Upon request, APT can integrate a complete cabinet that contains, in addition to the FTIR analyzer, also a gas leak detection system with optical / acoustic alarm and a bench for organoleptic and olfactory tests.

Thus, the CDS system (Carbon Dioxide System) has all the features to be the complete solution for CO2 producers and distributors of Food and Beverage sector.


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