Post Date: 30 March 2016

APT announces new Tiger Optics agreement

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APT expands its range of gas analyzers with a new line of products signed TIGER OPTICS: the prestigious brand devices use the innovative laser technology for the measure of the humidity and some gaseous compounds. In some versions, multi-components measure is also available.


Main features:

  • More sensitivity: measure till ppt;
  • Wider range of measure: from xx ppt to xx ppm;
  • Faster response time: in less than 1-minute reach T90.


What’s more? Tiger Optics analyzers don’t require calibration, maintenance and no spare parts are needed: the tool is almost everlasting.


Furthermore, Tiger Optics instruments are also robust and resistant: they survived to L’Aquila’s (one of them was in Gran Sasso National Labs – LNGS) and Fukushima’s earthquake. Thanks to its robustness and complete absence to vibration interferences, in some applications the multi-component version is a great substitute for the GC.


Thanks to these peculiarities, Tiger Optics analyzers are used in particular applications such as microprocessor, by pure and ultra-pure gases producers, by metrological national labs and some other specialized labs.


If a calibration certificate is required, the device can make a self-control and will send a report via internet to APT. An update software and a new certificate of calibration will follow, without moving the analyzer.


For further information visit Tiger Optics section on our website or contact us.

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