Read our article on GasWorld Magazine! | APT - gas and liquids analysis
Post Date: 22 February 2022

Read our article on GasWorld Magazine!

Read our article on GasWorld Magazine! | APT - gas and liquids analysisWe are proud to announce that you can find a two-pages article written by APT on the september issue of GasWorld Magazineone of the most widespread magazines for the global industrial gas community.

Each monthly issue of the magazine has a specific topic, which is examined in all its aspects, through various articles, written by international companies of primary importance in the reference market. The central theme of the September issue is the gas analysis and control, fundamental activities for industrial, food and medical gas producers, ensuring gases are delivered and used both safely and optimally.

Therefore, APT has decided to describe in detail Aries MGS multi-gas analysis system : the unique and complete solution for the analysis of all required parameters in the gas production, for medical, food and industrial purposes (mixtures included). ARIES MGS analysis systems are completely automatic and can set different measurements at multiple points of the plant: from the ASU column to the filling station, up to the flow control of the reducing valves.

Then, we decided to focus on the needs of Medical Oxygen producers. For this special market APT has developed two different instruments:

OXYmed: simple and compact all-in-one solution able to measure Oxygen purity and all its impurities.

FLOWmed: the measuring instrument designed and developed to meet the need to verify and certify the functionality of the reducing valves on cylinders and cryogenic compounds.

So, the aim of APT is to provide the market easy-to-use instrumentation, which guarantees fast measurements and minimizes costs and margins of error.


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