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  • Micro-processor based
  • Moisture Transmitter
  • Micro-Processor Based Simplicity

Utilizing the time-proven electrolytic process and MEECO’s two-wire transmitter design, the Accupoint 2 features micro-processor driven electronics. With the push of a button, choose any one of five display options and a host of output scales. Follow the menu and adjust your display and output range as measurement requirements change.

A built-in dual stage pressure regulator and an operating pressure range of 50-3000 psig make the Accupoint 2 ideally suited for water vapor determination in most industrial, natural and process gas streams. The Accupoint 2 functions as a standard 24 VDC, two-wire loop powered transmitter. An optional RS-232 output signal is available when the unit operates in three-wire mode. Housed in a NEMA 4X enclosure, it mounts directly at the measurement point – whether indoors or out.

Principle of Operation

Based on Faraday’s Law of Electrolysis, the Accupoint 2’s sensor absorbs and electrolyzes moisture to fractional parts-per-million (ppm).
How: One hundred percent of the sample moisture is absorbed by a hygroscopic film that covers two spiral wound electrodes embedded in a hollow glass tube.
When the sample gas enters the cell at a known flow rate, the film absorbs all the moisture molecules present. By applying an electrical potential (voltage) to the electrodes, each absorbed water molecule is electrolyzed, generating a finite current. This current is precise and proportional to the amount of absorbed water.

Accupoint 2™ Key Features Include:

Units of Measure: Micro-processor based electronics allow choice of display options including ppmV, ppmW, lbs/mmscf or °C and °F dewpoint.
Three-Button User Interface: Mode/Enter key, along with simple Up and Down keys, make using the menu quick and simple.
LCD Display: Integral digital display allows direct indication at point of use, as well as quick field configuration of the control parameters.
Scaleable Output: Flexibility to change output scales in field. No need to replace electronic components. Simply access menu via Mode/Enter key and select output scale.
2-Wire or 3-Wire Modes: Standard simplicity of a 2-wire, loop powered transmitter or added feature of RS-232 output in 3-wire mode.
On-Line Verification: Use simple Delta flow procedure to quickly verify sensor linearity and performance on-line.
Approvals: Pending testing, FM, CSA, Cenelec and CE Mark approvals.

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