NastyBoy – Analyzer for moisture in Chlorine

NastyBoy – Analyzer for moisture in Chlorine

Measured gas

Water – H2O




Chemical Industry, Gas Industriali e Medicali, Laboratory / Research, Natural Gas


Electrolytic (P2O5)

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The NastyBoy, MEECO‘s on-line analyzer for moisture in chlorine, stands up to the toughest applications.

Combining durabiliy and accuracy, the NastyBoy features an advanced flow system design, using corrosion resistant materials throughout. The unit functions as a 24VDC, two-wire transmitter, with exceptional mounting flexibility and low installation costs.

A dual NEMA 4X enclosure assembly isolates the electronics from the flow system. Inert gas purge ports prevent build up of hazardous, corrosive gases. Best of all, NastyBoy provides accurate and reliable measurement — without field calibration. Based on Faraday‘s Law of Electrolysis, the P2O5 sensor absorbs and electrolyzes moisture down to fractional parts-per-million (ppm‘s).

NastyBoy offers:

  • Calibration-free accuracy
  • Unique sample flow system . All wetted components consist of corrosion resistant materials, reducing maintenance costs while extending product life.
  • Two-wire loop powered transmitter. A simple, flexible means of moisture measurement and output signal communication. The benefits are three-fold: application flexibility, lower installation costs and fast response from the point-of-use.
  • Isolated electronics. By separating the flow system from the electronics, the instrument protects them from corrosion. This, thereby, increases system reliability while reducing maintenance costs.
  • Standard interface. Designed to provide convenient and low cost system compatibility, the analyzer connects to any two-wire, 4-20 mA data acquisition device, with isolated 24 VDC loop power.
  • Inert gas purge ports. Inert gas purge prevents build-up of hazardous or corrosive gas within the instrument. In so doing, you increase system reliability, improve operator safety, and reduce replacement and maintenance costs.



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