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Feasibility study, design and manufacturing of gas and liquid sampling systems. Post-sales service.


Gas Analyzers, fix and portables, for continuous or spot measurements. More than 15 different technologies.


Analysis of Oil in Water, Water in Oil, pH, Conductivity, Turbidity, Suspended Solids, Viscosity etc.

& gas

Detectors for combustible or toxic gases and flames. Systems and controllers.

Measuring &
test instruments

Combustion efficiency, pressure meters, thermometers, humidity meters and gas detectors. Gas and pollution analyzers.

Integrated Systems and Equipment for automation and Gas and Liquid Analysis.

Founded in 1995, APT is an Italian company specialized in manufacturing and supply of integrated systems and equipment for gas and liquid analysis. The internal engineering dept is able to provide a complete and customized solution in order to follow the client in every project phase:

Feasibility study, site survey and preliminary inspection
Engineering and construction of integrated analysis systems
Installation, commissioning / start-up
Technical assistance and after sales support

APT has strengthened a lot of exclusive partnerships with worldwide manufacturing companies, offering to customers the best state-of-art available on the market, in terms of technology, quality and budget.

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For the following activities:

  • Design, production management, integration, installation and service of gas-liquid analysis systems.
  • Trade of gas-liquid analysis instruments and accessories for industrial applications.

EA Sectors 19-29

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In more than 20 years of history, APT has implemented systems and applied solutions for analyzing and processing industrial gas, liquids and flames for hundreds of customers and collaborating with leading industry partners.




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APT is an Italian company specialised in manufacturing and supply of integrated systems and equipment for liquid and gas analysis.

Liquid and gas analysis equipment plays a crucial role in ensuring quality, safety, and efficiency in various sectors such as industrial and medical applications; accurate measurement of fluid components is essential for maintaining optimal operational conditions and meeting regulatory requirements.

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Role of gas analyzers in several industries

Gas analyzers are indispensable instruments in industries where precise measurement of gas components is critical for process control and gas certification. Whether it is monitoring medical and technical gases or measuring emissions, gas analyzers play a crucial role in maintaining operational efficiency and regulatory compliance.

Types of Industrial Gas Analysis Equipment

Gas analysis instruments and sampling systems proposed by APT can measure multiple components thanks to the wide variety of measurement principles and technologies such as gas chromatography, infrared spectroscopy, electrochemical cells and many others. Find out more by contacting our experts.

Liquid analysis systems

Liquid analysis systems encompass a range of instruments and sensors designed to measure and monitor various liquid parameters such as pH, conductivity, oil in water, turbidity, suspended solids and organic compounds. These systems are essential for the monitoring of water quality and the measurement of different parameters in process liquids.

Role of liquid analysis system in various industries

Accurate measurement of liquid parameters is crucial for maintaining product quality, process efficiency, and regulatory compliance in industries that rely on liquid-based processes. Liquid analysis systems find applications in a wide range of industries, including chemical processing, wastewater treatments and pharmaceutical APIs.

Integrated and automated sampling system solutions

Whenever the fluid to be measured isn’t in the condition to be directly measured or there is a need to integrate multiple analyzers, the sampling system is the solution.

It also allows advantages in terms of faster measurement, reliability and efficiency by combining different analytical techniques into a unique system industries can achieve higher accuracy in gas and liquid measurements and streamline their monitoring processes.

The automation of a sampling system ensures that even a complex system is managed in the correct way, reducing errors and ensuring that the right procedures are followed.

APT has developed the software XGAS to execute all of this and much more like interaction with major business management systems.

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