H2 – Analysis System

H2 – Analysis System



Measured gas

Carbon Dioxide – CO2, Carbon Monoxide – CO, Hydrogen – H2, Methane – CH4, O2 – Oxigen, Total HydroCarbons – THC, Water – H2O


Chemical Industry, Energy, Gas Industriali e Medicali, Laboratory / Research, Oil & Gas




FTIR, Electrochemical, FID, Gas Chromatograph, TCD

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The “Steam Reforming” is the most common method for the production of Hydrogen: it provides the production of syngas (hydrogen and carbon monoxide) by the reaction of hydrocarbons with water.
The reformed gas mixture contains, besides hydrogen (H2), also residual methane (CH4), carbon monoxide (CO), Carbon dioxide (CO2) and water (H2O).

All these impurities must be monitored on a continuous basis, at all process stages and throughout the entire H2 life-cycle (production, transportation, storage and fueling): the employment of equipment with specific features and precision depends on H2 purity level it needs to be reached (usually H2 5.0, 5.6 or 6.0 grade).

The required measurements can be made with:

  • Gas Chromatographs for the analysis of multiple parameters with different detectors as FID, DID and TCD technology;
  • Inline analyzers that allow a direct measure of every compound (also up to ppb levels with CRDS technique);
  • FTIR technology: a fast and accurate analysis of multiple targeted impurities up to low ppb levels.

APT can integrate all the above instrumentation into a ventilated cabinet with a constant direct monitoring of potential H2 gas leak and equipped with pneumatic safety valves.

The system can be managed by XGAS® Software , with the following features:

  • Automatic stream selection for sample lines and calibration cylinders;
  • Synoptic visualization;
  • Data storage, record and issue of certificate;
  • Remote operation and maintenance service;
  • ERP integration.

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