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CDS (Carbon Dioxide System) is a state-of-art, fast and accurate continuous analysis system for the measuring the quality of CO2 at various purification stages.

CDS (Carbon Dioxide System) consists of an FTIR analyzer installed into a cabinet connected to different gas delivery lines (i.e. Raw CO2, Purified CO2, Storage Tanks, Truck Loading / Filling Station and others, if required). The truck loading point is also equipped with a totem (a panel PC) that allows driver to start the CO2 analysis and quickly obtain the result so as he can proceed with confidently filling the lorry with quality CO2.

The cabinet has also:

–  O2/CO2 gas leak detection system with optical and acoustic warning system

–  Compressor and zero air generator

–  O2 analyzer if it needs to check Oxygen level in the sample gas

–  Bench for organoleptic and olfactory tests

The most important features of FTIR technology are:

  • Fast (2 minute) and accurate analysis of multiple (10+) gas parameters, including % CO2 Purity
  • Single Analyzer with no consumables and extremely low maintenance requirements.
  • Ideal for unmanned plant
  • Ability to add other IR-absorbing gas parameters to the FTIR in the future to meet any changing ISBT – FDA and Coca Cola analysis requirements.
  • Remote assistance 
  • No need for carrier or span calibration gases (automatic validation through internal permeation tubes).

This system is powered by proprietary XGAS Software, which handles the analysis at every measurement point. It stores all the measured data and issues the final quality report.
It is already configured to communicate with numerous ERPs and it can be completely controlled remotely.

XGAS® also has different access levels that a customer can activate with just a click from the main menu.

Carbon Dioxide System (CDS), complete with XGAS® software, has been designed by APT  to guarantee the formal integrity of measurements and measured data, offering complete traceability of every activity performed, for every access level.

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