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Post Date: 24 March 2023

Discover APT hydrogen article on Gasworld Magazine!

We have published an article on GasWorld Magazine, one of the most widespread magazines for the global industrial gas community.

APT has decided to contribute to the march issue, dedicated to “Hydrogen Issue“, by describing its solution for the hydrogen analysis: H2 Purity System.

The article starts with an introduction on the importance of hydrogen as renewable energy source, which can be also used in automotive industry, where although sampling systems and extremely accurate analyzers are required. It is in fact necessary to make the analysis of gas impurities in hydrogen in compliance with the UNI EN 17124 e UNI ISO 14687 standards, which sets very low limits.

For this reason, we choose to describe in detail all the functionalities of our H2 Purity System, which are multiple thanks to its versatility depending on the analysis needs, from the simplest to the most complex. Among them, for example:

–     UNI EN 17124 and UNI ISO 14687 compliance analysis

–     Gas chromatographic analysis for N5, N6 quality (ppb levels)

–     Verification of basic parameters (oxygen, moisture, nitrogen, THC and more)

The system, moreover, is automated, thanks to the integration with the XGAS software interface, developed by APT and now available also on App, that permits to monitor the entire system by remote, make analysis and report and much more.

The H2 Purity System is the complete solution for hydrogen and its components analysis, both in production phase and in the final phase of quality certification.



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