CEMS – Automatic scanning system



Measured gas

Carbon Dioxide – CO2, Carbon Monoxide – CO, Hydrogen Sulfide – H2S, Nitrogen Dioxide – NO2, Nitrogen oxide – NO, O2 – Oxigen, Sulphur Dioxide – SO2, Total HydroCarbons – THC, Total Sulphur – Sox

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The constant control of boiler efficiency aims to minimize operating costs and to protect the environment, by reducing pollutant emissions.

The yield of combustion is a parameter indicating whether the chemical reaction of combustion is balanced from the stoichiometric point of view.

To obtain useful parameters for yield calculation, it’s necessary to carry out the analysis and then to apply a mathematical equation. Depending on the value obtained, the operator will decide whether to increase or decrease the quantity of combustibles, in order to be sure that they are burnt to 100%, without the risk of developing highly toxic and dangerous pollutants, even for human health (carbon monoxide).

To meet these requirements, APT has designed a system that has become “standard”, extremely easy to use and to maintain.

Our proposal is an automatic scanning system located inside a cabinet. First of all, the gas is dried and stripped of dust by the integrated conditioning system, then it passes through an O2 (paramagnetic) and a CO2 (infrared) analyzers. Afterwards, the measurements of flue gas and combustion air temperatures are carried out, to evaluate the efficiency of combustion.


The system is completed by a state-of-art data acquisition and management system: the touchscreen display shows real-time measured values ​​and the software stores all measured data.

With regards to maintenance, the system records user access and enables assigned functions.

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