3010 – Ionisation detector

Measured gas

Methane – CH4



  • Description


Model 3010 Portable HFID
Total Hydrocarbon Analyser

  • Compact, rugged
  • Easy to use
  • Carbon scrubber for clean air
  • Integral heated sample line

Heated flame ionisation detector is the reference method technique for measuring total hydrocarbons (THC, VOC, TOC). The advantages of this method are that it can be used for hot, wet samples. Maintaining an elevated temperature prevents the dropout of heavy hydrocarbons along the sample line.
This detection method is continuous with a fast response time making it very effective for alarm status monitoring applications and other real time reporting.
The 3010 is suitable for a wide range of applications from incinerators to high concentration solvent users. With good carbon correlation for aliphatics, alcohols, esters, ketones, and aromatics it provides a reliable determination of total hydrocarbon levels.


We recommend the use of hydrogen/helium mixture as fuel for applications where oxygen levels are unpredictable to minimize the effects of oxygen synergism. The Model 3010 is also available with hydrogen fuel option for ambient applications where oxygen levels are stable.
The Model 3010 has a user friendly interface with status pages for simple diagnostics. It represents a cost effective solution for short term monitoring requirements.
With fuel shut off if flame fails and sample pump inhibitor until oven and heated line are up to temperature, this represents an intuitive, easy to use analyser suitable for even the most inexperienced operators.


Signal SIGEMS software is availble for logging and reporting.
Please contact us for further details on these options.
NB. For low particularly low range applications (below 10ppm) we would recommend the Signal Model 3030PM as a possible alternative.

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