991 CEM – Emission monitor system


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Sulphur Dioxide – SO2



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SO2 Continuous Emission Monitoring (CEM) – mod. BRM 991

Continuous Emission Monitoring (CEM) Systems are mandatory on virtually all industry waste chimneys or stacks today. Depending on the industrial process and regulatory agency requirements, the CEM could be required to report the pollutant of interest on an oxygen (O2) free, dry basis or, on a mass basis (tons per day, pounds per hour).

Because the O2 free basis system measures the pollutant on a dry basis, a sample dryer is incorporated in the sample system. The concentration of oxygen is also measured and the measured dry pollutant concentration is corrected to zero oxygen.

The mass emission system measures the pollutant concentration on an as-is (hot/wet) basis and incorporates gas stream velocity and temperature measurement devices. The volume flow rate of the effluent is determined along with the mass emission rate of the pollutant of interest.

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