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C1, C2, C3, C4, C5, C6, C6+, C7, C7+ – C1, C2, C3, C4, C5, C6, C6+, C7, C7+, Carbon Dioxide – CO2, Carbon Monoxide – CO, Carbonyl sulfide – COS, Ethane – C2H6, Hydrogen Sulfide – H2S, IC4 – IC4, IC5 – IC5, Methane – CH4, NC4 – NC4, NC5 – NC5, Nitrogen – N2, O2 – Oxigen, Propane – C3H8



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Features of the PLGC 3

Rugged Thermistor Based Detector

The PLGC3 thermal conductivity detector (TCD) is less susceptible to fouling as compared to micro-machined technology. The TCD will not burn out on loss of carrier gas and it is able to withstand corrosive compounds such as H2S.

High Resolution Display

A high resolution 640 x 480 VGA color display provides operator with at a glance status and results. Items such as chromatograms, analysis results, previous calibration information, and alarm statuses can be viewed. Menu access is done via an intrinsically safe Keypad.

Operator Interface

The Windows based software provides a powerful tool for operation, diagnostics and data handling. The operator can view and save chromatograms and analysis results, review or modify analysis settings, set up networking, generate reports, as well as several other parameters.

Analyzer Networking and Data Communications

The PLGC3 will support Ethernet Modbus TCP/IP as well as up to 8 additional serial ports. A standard industry compliant modbus list may be selected or customized modbus lists may also be easily generated. Multiple Modbus lists can be created and acccessed via Scada. The TCP port can be operated as either master or slave.

Data Archiving

The PLGC3 has expandable memory capability up to 32 GB for the storage of individual analysis, hourly averages, daily averages and chromatograms. Calibration/validation chromatograms may also be stored for later viewing. A complete audit trail is also incorporated.

Airless Heat Sink Oven

An airless heat sink oven maintains a constant temperature of columns, valves and TCD for reliable and accurate results.

Durable Valves

The chromatograph uses industry-leading valves. Tough and long lasting, the valves are rated for up to 1 million injections. Simple mechanical design makes it easy and inexpensive to service.

Micro-packed Columns

Columns are manufactured by Galvanic to ensure quality and consistency. Consistent and reproducible product ensures reliable results over the lifetime of the chromatograph.


A report generating feature allows users to produce printable reports of standard measured and calculated values based on GPA or ISO standards. These reports can also be customized to included location, technician name and comments.

Auto Calibration and Validation

The PLGC3 supports auto calibration as well as validation. The validation feature allows the user to analyze the calibration standard without adjusting response factors or retention times. The PLGC3 will support two calibration standards for enhanced measurement of streams with widely varying hydrocarbon concentrations.

Applications of the PLGC 3
  • Transmission / Custody Transfer
  • Custody transfer stations
  • Metering stations


  • City gate measurement
  • Large industrial / commercial consumers

Gas Processing

  • Inlet Gas
  • Sales / Outlet Gas Upstream / Field Gathering
  • Sour Gas Pipeline Blending

NGL, GTL and LNG Plants

  • De-ethernizer
  • De-propenizer unit
  • De-butzanizer unit
  • Liquids / condensate unit

Bio-Gas Plants, Land-Fill Gas Recovery Units, Power Plants

  • Power Generation
  • Gas Turbine Control

Amine Units

  • Acid Gas

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