Aries MGS – Automated Multi-Gas System



Measured gas

Nitrogen – N2, Nitrogen Dioxide – NO2, Nitrogen oxide – NO, Nitrogen protoxide – N2O, Total Sulfur – TS, Total Sulphur – Sox, Water – H2O

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With more than 20 years of experience in the field, APT is able to provide a unique and complete solution for the analysis of all required parameters in the gas production for medical, industrial and food purposes.

APT Aries MGS are automatic analysis systems that can set measurements at multiple points of the plant: from the ASU column to the filling station, up to the flow control of reducing valves.

All the technologies we propose have been successfully tested over the years and are compliant with current legislation, including the European Pharmacopoeia and EU-GMP. Whatever the need or application, APT has the right monitoring solution to meet specific user’s requirements.

The whole system is completely managed by XGAS software, developed for the acquisition of analytical results, to control the analysis process and to produce the final report. XGAS can also store all measured data, for a complete traceability of the lots.

The analysis system and the XGAS software are both validated for pharmaceutical applications and for use in medical field.

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