EC-XGAS – Software

EC-XGAS – Software





Measured gas

Carbon Dioxide – CO2, Carbon Monoxide – CO, O2 – Oxigen



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XGAS Software
XGAS Software

Usually the disadvantage of the portable or bench analyzers when employed for check or spot analysis is the difficulty to acquire and store analytical data, printing analysis reports and to allow an easy consultancy of common software programs.

XGAS-232 has been developed in order to be simply connected to a RS232 output normally available on the analyzers. It has different employments which concentrate the common activities carried out by all those companies operating in the specific field of medical gases.

XGAS-232 is supplied on an auto-installing CD and equipped with a serial wire and hardware key that you will have to insert in a USB output available on both portable or desktop PC.

  • Medical oxygen monitoring from analyser, also in line.
  • Acquisition of cylinder’s or tank’s lot and matriculate number.
  • Introduction of the managing operator’s name.
  • Verification of acceptability limits of measurement and alarm condition.
  • Verification of correct functionality of the signal acquisition system.
  • Printing of trial reports on a module set up freely by the customer or the list of analysis reports realized in a specific period.
  • Printing of labels.

Development of driver for analysers with a specific RS232 protocol also for analysis on different gaseous substances for which the monitoring is required.

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