Central MDXI – Modular controller

Central MDXI – Modular controller



  • Description


This modular controller covers most systems from 5 to 100 channels. Combined with the full Simtronics range of gas and flame detectors, the MDXI forms a basis for reliable alarm collection and easy maintenance.

  • Control of up to 100 independent measurement channels.
  • 3 relays per channel (2 alarms and 1 default).
  • Modular design with a measurement card for each detector and an extension rack.
  • Standard analog inputs compatible with all detectors.
  • MODBUS / JBUS communication interface.
  • Continuous monitoring of unit and detectors.
  • Power supply separated from the controller and channel cards.
  • Double-check system in the event of scale overruns.
  • Individual management of power supply and alarms by the channel module.
  • Separate channel functionality enables the retransmission of channel alarm independent from the central microprocessor.

MDXI is a control unit designed for use in industrial, chemical and heavy industrial domains. It enables continuous exploitation of all toxic, explosive gas and flame detectors of the Simtronics’ range of products, with 4-20mA outputs signals (1-2 mA on request).

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