DID 500 – Detector

Measured gas

Carbon Monoxide – CO, Hydrogen – H2, Kripton – Kr, Methane – CH4, Nitrogen – N2, O2 – Oxigen, Xenon – Xe



  • Description


The DID500 is an analytical system that measures H2 , Ne, O2+Ar, N2 , Kr, CH4 , CO, CO2 and Xe, in Helium, Argon, Hydrogen, Nitrogen and Oxygen.


The DID detector has been designed to make use of the variations in electrical conductibility found in highly ionized gas.
The ionisation is created by a single high frequency discharge within the detector (HF Plasma), causing a high energy photon emission (24.5 eV).
This emission is capable of ionising all the gases within the cell with the exception of the Helium.
One of the biggest advantage of our DID detector is that a photo-ionised discharge is achieved without any radioactive emissions and without the need to apply excessive voltage being applied to the cell.
Another important characteristic of the DID is that the detector operates using just one gas. This one gas is used as the carrier, the flushing gas and/or the purging gas.
This gas can also serve to purge and clean all the valves.
The housing does not require flushing gas: no contamination of the gas circuit is possible before detection as the input connection is located directly on the cell of the DID detector.
The power setting of the high frequency oscillator allows for the adjustment of the detector sensitivity, which can reach 0.1 ppb (parts per billion).
The detection limit and any background noise are directly related to the quality of the carrier gas, so the use of ultra purity (UHP) Helium as the carrier gas is highly recommended.

  • Air separation plants
  • Cryogenic truck loading station
  • Specialty gas laboratories
  • Process control
  • Steel industry

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