Flame Detector FlameSpec-IR3-H2-HD


FGD – Fire and Gas Detection Technologies



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The FlameSpec-IR3-H2-HD flame detector will identify the hydrogen explosions extremely fast, allowing to take a preventive action and minimizing the consequences. It has an high-definition (HD) video camera with recording option, that guarantees the tool a strong security for the personnel and plants protection.

The detector provides a very quick response and a reliable detection with high performance of hydrogen fires. It operates in all wheather and light conditions with resistance to false alarms.

The FlameSpec-IR3-H2-HD flame detector has an high-definition (HD) camera which enables it allows to see the hydrogen flames, that are invisible to the human eye. In this way, the rescue team is aware of the exact situation and the position of hydrogen flames before entering the dangerous area. The video of a fire event is automatically recorded by the detector (1 minute before and 3 minutes after the alarm start).

All the features of this flame detector represent a useful tool for studying the cause and the development of fire events.

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