Flame Detector FlameSpec-UV-IR-HD


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FlameSpec-UV-IR-HD is a flame detector able to provide an ultra-fast response and a reliable detection of a wide range of fires, including hydrocarbon and hydrogen ones.
The detector faces slow-spread fires as well as fast eruption of fire, by virtue of UV/IR technology. In addition, it operates in all weather and light conditions.

The flame detector FlameSpec-UV-IR-HD has an high-definition (HD) videocamera with recording option. It provides high-definition videos of the monitored area, with clear imaging of a fire event and of the personnel at distances up to 30m. In this way, the rescue team is aware of the exactly situation before entering the dangerous area. The video of a fire event is automatically recorded by the detector (1 minute before and 3 minutes after the alarm start).


  • Hydrogen and Hydrocarbons flame detection
  • Ultra-fast detection mode: within 5 milliseconds
  • Immunity to false alarms
  • Window heater to avoid condensation and icing
  • Possibility to choice the configurable detection mode (UV-IR, UV o IR)

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