Eurolyzer STx – Flue gas analyzer




Energy, Heating

Measured gas

Carbon Monoxide – CO, Nitrogen oxide – NO, O2 – Oxigen



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EUROLYZER STx – Flue gas analyzer up to 3 cells (O2, CO, NO)
The new portable flue gas analyzer Eurolyzer STx joins the affordable predecessor Eurolyzer STe with the easy-to-use feature of the new Bleulyzer ST. With this instrument you can make gas analysis measurements as well as pressure controls for water or gas pipelines.


Main features:
• Flue gas analysis up to 3 cells (O2, CO, NO)
• Long life cells – O2 average lifetime up to 7 years (warranty 5 years)
• Pressure leak test
• MicroSD memory
• Smart Bluetooth
Free Eurosoft for iOS and Android

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