Gas detectors

Measured gas

Acetaldehyde – C2H4O, Acetone / Propionaldehyde – C3H6O, Acetylene – C2H2, Ammonia – NH3, Arsenic pentafluoride – AsF5, Arsenic trifluoride – AsF3, Arsine – AsH3, Boron tribromide – BBr3, Boron trichloride – BCl3, Boron trifluoride – BF3, Bromine – Br2, Butane – C4H10, Carbon Monoxide – CO, Chlorine – Cl2, Chlorine dioxide – ClO2, Chlorine trifluoride – CLF3, Chloroform – CHCl3, Cycloheptatriene – C7H8, Diborane – B2H6, Dichloromethane – CH2CL2, Ethane – C2H6, Ethanol – C2H6O, Ethylene – C2H4, Fluorine – F2, Fluoromethane – CH3F, Freon R22 – Freon R22, Hydrazine – N2H4, Hydrogen – H2, Hydrogen bromide – HBr, Hydrogen chloride – HCl, Hydrogen cyanide – HCN, Hydrogen Fluoride – HF, Hydrogen Sulfide – H2S, Isobutanol – C4H10O, Methane – CH4, Methanol – CH3OH, Nitrogen oxide – NO, Nitrogen protoxide – N2O, Nitrogen trifluoride – NF3, O2 – Oxigen, Octane – C8H18, Ozone – O3, Sulfur hexafluoride – SF6, Sulfur trioxide – SO3, Sulphur Dioxide – SO2, Tetrachloroethylene – C2Cl4, Tetrafluoroethylene – C2F4, Tetrafluoromethane – CF4, Trichloroethylene – C2HCl3, Tungsten hexafluoride – WF6, Xenon Difluoride – XeF2, Xylene – C8H10


Bionics/New Cosmos

  • Description


A suction type detector for indoor use with integrated alarm handling. 4-20 mA output signal and optional communication module for Profibus-DP, Modbus and SIMS. Optional relay module.

A detector from the Observer series.

  • Ideal for cleanroom applications
  • No cross sensitivity to solvents
  • Integrated alarm handling
  • Optional Profibus-DP and SIMS communication

A suction type portable detector for indoor use with integrated alarm handling. Available with pyrolyzer for the detection of e.g. NF3, Freon, Acrylonitrile …

  • Ideal for cleanroom applications
  • For emergency and temporary area monitoring
  • No cross sensitivity to solvents
  • Integrated alarm handling

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