GD10L infrared – Combustible gas detector

GD10L infrared – Combustible gas detector

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The GD10L open path combustible gas detector offers reliable and safe performance even under harsh working conditions, utilising the proven, unique IR technology from our well-known GD10P point detector.

Life-time stability

The SimSource infrared light source is a solid-state component with a stable output and 60years of expected lifteime. This, together with the Simtronics IR-path design gives you a detector with unparallelled stability.

Easy installation

As the detector has a combined transmitter and receiver, alignment and commisioning may be done by a single technichian.

Low maintenance costs

GD10L requires no regular field maintenance, apart from cleaning the optics. It has a fixed factory calibration, and is not recalibrated during its lifetime.


The rough environment on FPSOs with vibrations and movement, is a typical area where you need offshore quality on brackets and housings. GD10L has both.

Petrochemical and general industry
The easy handling and low maintenance makes the GD10L well suited for general section separation in industrial plants outdoor and indoor.

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