Insta Trans – Oxygen transmitter

Insta Trans – Oxygen transmitter


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O2 – Oxigen


Teledyne Analytical Instruments

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TAI – InstaTrans-XD_Rev-A | Oxygen Transmitter Insta Trans

The Insta Trans is a two-wire, loop-powered 4-20 mA oxygen transmitter packaged within a weather tight NEMA-4 housing. The product was named for its built-in level of flexibility. It can instantly transform from ppm to percent (or vice-versa) simply by changing out the Teledyne sensor and resetting the range scale of the unit to ppm or percent via the function keypad.

  • Built-in digital display
  • Simple intuitive controls
  • Easy field calibration and range selection
  • SS or nylon wetted parts
  • Weather tight NEMA-4 construction
  • Hermetically sealed for direct installation in the field without any added protection
  • Reverse voltage protection and temp compensation
  • Digital electronic control circuitry with permanent SPAN setting memory

The operator can ensure proper changes have been made via the range indication continuously shown on the built-in meter. That’s it. No other electrical or resistor changes are required. By building this flexibility into the product Teledyne allows users the ability to conveniently move the Insta Trans from one point in the plant to another to tackle a variety of applications as required.

The Insta Trans has six user selectable ranges from 0-10 ppm to 0-25 %. The user can easily change to the preferred range via the built in function keypad. In addition, depending on the corrosive nature of the sample, the Insta Trans can be supplied with either stainless steel or nylon wetted parts.

Historically, the recovery period required when changing out trace Micro-fuel Cells was anywhere from 12 to 24 hours. Under Teledyne’s newly patented sensing technology, INSTA TRACE™, users can obtain meaningful trace oxygen results in just a few minutes.

Using the Insta Trace sensing technology, users are now able to get back on line quickly, and reliably analyze their process stream to ensure compliance with manufacturing guidelines. The Insta Trace oxygen sensing technology saves both time and money.

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