Map-Pak 2: Portable analyzer for Gas Flushed Food Packaging


Electrochemical, Infrared


Food & Beverage

Measured gas

Carbon Dioxide – CO2, O2 – Oxigen


  • Description


The Map-Pak 2 gas analyser, specifically designed for the Food Industry, swiftly and precisely measures the O2 and O2 / CO2 content of gas flushed food packaging (Modified Atmosphere Packaging).

Two versions are avalaible:

  1. The Map-Pak 2 Combi measures the Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide and Nitrogen content in gas flushed food packages (the latter being as a balance gas).
  2. The Map-Pak 2 O2 measures the Oxygen content in gas flushed food packages.

Principle Of Operation

The Map-Pak 2, using a small gas sample from the gas flushed pack, measures and records levels of Oxygen (O2) or Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide (CO2). Oxygen levels are measured by an electrochemical sensor and the Carbon Dioxide levels are measured by an infrared sensor (NDIR). The O2 and CO2 particles are detected by the respective sensors and the measurements are displayed on the screen within seconds.
The N2 level is then displayed as a balance gas. Results can be downloaded to a computer or stored in the device. Alternatively, an optional portable printer is available.

The Map-Pak 2 analyser requires an annual calibration only. There is an Ambient Calibration function available to the user to check the calibration using an air sample (O2 being 20.8% typically)

Main Features 

  • 3.5” Colour Touch Screen Display
  • Measurement range of 0% – 100%
  • Lightweight & Portable
  • Fast and Accurate O2 & CO2 readings
  • Integrated data logging: 10,000+ measurements storedFacilità di utilizzo
  • Low cost of ownership
  • High Capacity Lithium Battery
  • Bluetooth® Connectivity
  • Wi-Fi enabled


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