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Monitek Line

The Monitek Line has been developed to meet the needs of industrial nad municipal applications for turbidity, suspended solids and color monitoring.
Our in-line sensors monitor in real-time, eliminating lag time and periodic sampling.

Monitek monitors are installed in the chemical, petrochemical, oil & refinery, beer, food & beverage, biotech, and other markets.

Monitek offers both Optical and Acoustical sensor technologies to meet our customer’s monitoring requirements. The monitors are a two-component system consisting of a transmitter and a sensor. The Messenger Transmitter is used for all of our optical sensors and can be configured for multiple sensors and applications.


MoniTurb In-Line Turbidity Sensors

  • Forward scatter and/or side scatter techniques
  • Low range concentrations from 0.02 to 500ppm
  • Filter breakthrough, contamination alarm, process monitoring, quality control, chemical additives control applications
  • Turbidity measurement is not affected by process color changes

Monispec A Suspended Solids Sensors

  • In-line sensors, submersible probes, insertion probes and cell density probes
  • Light absorption technique
  • Solids concentrations up to 5%

Monispec AD In-Line Color Sensors

  • Dual Wavelength Absorption
  • ASTM, APHA, Hazen and Saybolt color
  • Color avoidance, removal and addition in liquids

Work where optical sensors fail

The in-line monitor utilizes a focused acoustic transducer that provides solids measurements independent of the liquid’s color, opacity and density. These acoustic “particle” monitors are used in monitoring oil in water, opaque liquids, optically sensitive liquids and applications where fouling of optical sensors require excessive maintenance.

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