OLCT 10N – Digital Gas Detector


Teledyne Gas and Flame Detection


Chemical Industry, Gas Industriali e Medicali, Laboratory / Research, Water Treatment

Measured gas

Ammonia – NH3, Butane – C4H10, Carbon Dioxide – CO2, Hydrogen – H2, Hydrogen Sulfide – H2S, Methane – CH4, Nitrogen Dioxide – NO2, Nitrogen oxide – NO, O2 – Oxigen, Propane – C3H8


Electrochemical, Infrared

  • Description


The OLCT 10N is a digital gas detector designed to detect combustible, toxic gases and oxygen. Intended for use in combination with the MX Controller , the OLCT 10N provides a fast and accurate response. All transmitter information is received by the controller in less than 1 second.

The detectors allows one man calibration without opening the enclosure and calibration information is stored in the MX controller .

The OLCT 10N is IP65 and ATEX 3 GD certified (for use in ATEX zone 2) and is water- and dustproof.


  • Available for detection of O2, CO2, H2S, NH3, NO, NO2, Methane, Propane, Butane and Hydrogen
  • Output RS485 Modbus
  • Available Sensors: Electrochemical, Catalytic and Infrared (for CO2 detection)
  • Without display
  • For commercial applications, laboratories, cooling rooms, hospitals, boiler rooms, waste water treatment plants, etc.

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