OXYmed – Medical Oxygen Analysis System

OXYmed – Medical Oxygen Analysis System


Elettrolitico, Infrared, Paramagnetico


Gas Industriali e Medicali, Laboratory / Research, Sanità



Measured gas

Carbon Dioxide – CO2, Carbon Monoxide – CO, O2 – Oxigen, Water – H2O



  • Description


OXYmed is a Medical Oxygen analysis system designed to measure the Oxygen title and its pollutants. Thanks to the use of approved technologies, the system complies with the requirements of the official Pharmacopoeia and can be used to issue the measuring certificates or view the results on the large 12.1″ touchscreen display.

OXYmed provides a continuous measurement on the stored Oxygen tank. Via software it is possible to switch the analysis on cylinders and cryogenic compounds (up to 6).

XGAS® Software

Thanks to the XGAS® software, the operator can view and print analysis reports, check limits, store test reports and export data, even remotely via the Internet connection. XGAS® software in its latest version is the result of continuous improvements resulting from the twentyfive-year experience of APT in the engineering and design of automatic multi-gas analysis systems. The software has many functions designed to simplify operations as much as possible.

How does it work?

In each phase of the analysis, OXYmed purges the transport lines with programmable pressurization and depressurization cycles.

It is possible to perform analytical tests during the filling cycles of cryogenic compounds (maximum 6 LOX) managing the measurement with simultaneous purging and analysis phases. In this way, analysis times are strongly reduced, regardless of the gas lines length.

When must it be calibrated?

OXYmed allows automatic calibration via cylinders filled with standard gas mixtures connected to the analysis system through special pneumatic inlets. The auto-calibration procedure is completely managed by XGAS® and can be controlled:

  • by the operator through the control panel;
  • programming the start by setting date and time;
  • managed and controlled by an external system

 Configuration and customization:

The self-calibration cycle may coincide with the automatic lot generation that can be reported in the the test report. Through the XGAS® software everything can be customized: the possibility of inserting company logos in report forms or databases that are generated electronically is included.

The available interfaces (2 x USB; Ethernet) allow communication with other external devices and remote connection for checking the OXYmed, for exporting data and also for assistance/maintenance.

Using our XGAS® software, the measurement system is absolutely open to any integration into company networks because it includes the following protocols:

  • Ethernet TCP / IP
  • OPC Client / Server
  • Modbus

It is possible to use barcode readers as well as adhesive label printers in configurable formats.

Where can it be installed?

The system has been designed to be used in laboratories where controls and tests are carried out at the end of production. However, there is also the possibility to use OXYmes in outdoor environments. The measuring system can be equipped with a heating and / or refrigeration system by means of a vortex tube or electric conditioner with peltier effect.


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