Probe ZR O2 & CO – Oxygen Analyzer


Zirconia Oxygen


Emission, Energy, Engineering, Iron & Steel, Oil & Gas

Measured gas

Carbon Monoxide – CO, O2 – Oxigen



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The Oxygen, or O2 + CO, flue gas analyzer ATEX Zone 1 certified

The ZR instrument can measure the excess of combustion air in flue gas when either liquid, gaseous and solid fuels are used.
Analyzer certified for use in hazardous area 1 II GD Ex dII CT6 / T5 / T3.
Patented flame arrestor are used for IN-SITU installation.

The instrument is composed by the probe and the control unit.

ZR Transmitter – Hazardous area control unit II2G
– Universal “user friendly” control unit
– Compatibility with existing zirconia probes
– Automatic calibration / blowdown function
– Combustion efficiency display function
– High level combustibles alarm display
– Serial communication link for computer or data logger

Oxygen detector ZR probe
– Very high safety level, detector includes 3 certified flame arrestors
– Direct in stream O2 measurement
– High accuracy zirconium oxide cell
– Measures net excess oxygen in flue gas up to 1300°C
– Flow guide tube available in lengths of 300mm to 2 meters
– Longer-life detector
– Low-cost maintenance
– Entirely field serviceable
– High speed of response
– A variety of flow guide tubes are available ( stainless steel, corrosion resistant alloys)

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