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O2 – Oxigen


Teledyne Analytical Instruments

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Oxygen Analyzer – 3000 Series Teledyne Analytical Instruments

The Teledyne 3000 series offer oxygen analyzer with the following technologies:

  • Electrochemical
  • Paramagnetic
  • Zirconia

Every product is suitable for wall and rack mounting as well as explosion proof for installation in hazardous area.

Paramagnetic Oxygen Analyzer

Teledyne’s Model 3010MA Paramagnetic Percent Oxygen Analyzer is a versatile, microprocessor-based instrument specifically designed for oxygen purity analysis. The 3010MA is a precise and cost effective instrument capable of measuring percent oxygen in specific ranges as required by the air separation and medical gas qualification industries.

The 3010MA offers three dynamic, user-configurable ranges plus auto-ranging. The instrument is linear on all three ranges, eliminating the need to recalibrate while switching between ranges. Ranging to 0-100% enables Nitrogen zero calibration capability as well. The analyzer comes with an isolated 4-20 mADC output for oxygen concentration and range identification (optional).

Electrochemical Oxygen Analyzer

The Series 3000T Trace Oxygen Analyzers provides powerful microprocessor technology while offering tremendous versatility in the low ppm ranges. This instrument offers three user-selectable linear ranges, high accuracy, fast response, adjustable alarms, and auto diagnostics.

No zero gases are required in most applications. The heart of the analyzer is a specially qualified Micro-fuel Cell designed to measure oxygen in the gas sample.

The sensor is unequaled in the industry for its accuracy, sensitivity, and reliability. The instruments can be used as a separate unit or as a component of a larger analytical system.

Zirconia Oxygen Analyzer

The 3000ZA2G combines the reliability, flexibility and ease of use of the 3000 platform with the dynamic functionality of zirconium oxide  (ZrO2) sensing technology to offer a perfect solution for universal oxygen monitoring in inert gas applications.

Zirconium oxide is a non-consuming, solid state sensor.

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