Series 4060 – Gas Chromatograph


FID, Gas Chromatograph, TCD


Emission, Food & Beverage, Sanità, Semiconductor

Measured gas

Acetylene – C2H2, Argon – Ar, Benzene – C6H6, Butane – C4H10, Carbon Dioxide – CO2, Carbon Monoxide – CO, Cycloheptatriene – C7H8, Ethane – C2H6, Ethylene – C2H4, Hexane – C6H14, Hydrogen – H2, Hydrogen cyanide – HCN, Hydrogen Sulfide – H2S, Kripton – Kr, Methanol – CH3OH, MTBE – C5H12O, Nitrogen – N2, Propane – C3H8, Propylene – C3H6, Xenon – Xe, Xenon Difluoride – XeF2, Xylene – C8H10


Teledyne Analytical Instruments

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Gas Chromatographs Analyzer mod. 4060

The 4060 Series of Gas Chromatograph (GC) analyzers combine Teledyne’s field proven detector technologies with gas chromatography column separation capability. This enables reliable and repeatable of a single or multiple compounds in a stream containing interfering components.

Flame-ionization detector (FID) or thermal conductivity detector (TCD) options enable part-per-billion (ppb), part-per-million (ppm) or percent levels of detection depending on application. The analyzer includes an integral temperature-controlled sample system of 316SS and Teflon construction to provide a suitable sample to the detector.

  • Flame-Ionization Detector (FID): Because of its high sensitivity to most organic compounds, the flame ionization detector is a powerful tool for measuring hydrocarbon impurities in gases. It also provides a linear response over a wide range of analysis.
  • Thermal Conductivity Detector (TCD): A thermal conductivity detector measures levels of a gas by its ability to conduct heat. The cell block is heated to a fixed temperature; it consists of four filaments arranged in a Wheatstone bridge configuration. Two filaments are exposed to a reference gas (sealed or flowing) of a known thermal conductivity, while the other two see the sample gas being measured. A reference voltage is applied across the bridge.
Teledyne Tracs™ Diagnostic Software

Tracs™ software developed by Teledyne is a unique program to unveil chromatogram and compound retention sequences on which concentrations of compounds of interest are calculated. It provides valuable access for an ordinary user to look into inside the complicated GC world with a computerized tool. It suits the needs for high accuracy in GC technique and for ease of communication in digital format.

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