Series 800 – Gas chromatograph


Emission, Engineering, Natural Gas, Oil & Gas

Measured gas

Carbonyl sulfide – COS, Hydrogen Sulfide – H2S, Sulfur trioxide – SO3, Sulphur Dioxide – SO2, Total Sulfur – TS



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Total Sulfur and Sulfur Chromatograph Analyzer for gas and liquids

Sulfur chemiluminescence can be used to measure total sulfur in a wide variety of hydrocarbons, ranging from methane to diesel fuel, by simply injecting the sample directly to the detector and measuring all of the sulfurs

For gaseous samples, the installation of a chromatograph column prior to the detector allows the measurement of individual sulfur compounds. Since the detection method is equimolar, in response to all sulfurs, a chemiluminescence detector can easily be designed as a chromatograph or as a total sulfur analyzer.

Sulfur chemiluminescence offers several advantages over other sulfur detection systems which make the detector simple to calibrate and use in a wide variety of applications:

  • Equimolar response to all sulfurs
  • Linearity from ppb to percent concentrations
  • Sulfur specific, no known interferences
  • Not subject to quenching from hydrocarbons
  • Single component standard used for calibration
  • Electrically heated reaction, no flame required
  • Low hydrogen consumption
  • No nuclear / X-ray source


  • Model 840 Lab - Zolfo Total Sulfur for liquids or gases
  • Model 843 Lab Total Sulfur and Sulfur Chromatograph for gases
  • Model 841 Total Sulfur for liquids or gases
  • Model 842 Sulfur Chromatograph for gases

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