STM 225 – Dust measuring system




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STM 225 – Dust measuring system

The new dust measuring instrument STM 225 was specially designed for mobile use on heating systems; it is approved for stages 1 and 2 as per German regulations, including limit value monitoring 150 mg/m3 for old systems.

The compact, robust measuring system determines the dust concentration by means of a state-of-the-art optical scattered light method. This measuring principle provides for fast and accurate measuring results and also allows for real-time diagnostics – independent of external influences such as shocks and impacts. A great feature considering rough field service conditions.

Gas Analysis (option)
The dust measuring instrument STM 225 can be connected with the Multilyzer STe in order to add the gas analysis for combustion and emissions (O2, CO, COh, CO2, NO, NO2 and SO).
With both instruments you can have dust and gas analysis directly in one instrument.

The data can be stored into the Multilyzer STe as well as exported to a PC, smartphone o tablet via the free Eurosoft app.

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