Teledyne Falcon GC – Analyzer


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Measured gas

C1 – C7+, Carbon Dioxide – CO2, Carbon Monoxide – CO, Carbonyl sulfide – COS, Ethane – C2H6, Hydrogen Sulfide – H2S, IC4 – IC4, IC5 – IC5, Methane – CH4, NC4 – NC4, NC5 – NC5, Nitrogen – N2, O2 – Oxigen, Propane – C3H8


Chemical Industry, Energy, Engineering, Laboratory / Research

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TELEDYNE FALCON ULTRAFAST GC is fast becoming the leading choice in a wide variety of industry and environmental applications.

It is designed to efficiently perform the analytical work required: measurement is faster and easier, with far less hassle and environmental impact.

Main features:

  • FASTER: Analytical cycles 10 to 50 times faster than traditional GCs vastly increase responsiveness for the data consumer in a wide range of lab, process and field applications.
  • EASIER: With its patented resistively heated column and detectors platform, application range is second only to analytical speed in the list of ULTRAFAST GC advantages.
  • SMALLER: Thanks to the elimination of the air bath column ovens, the Falcon Series became smaller and it can be placed closer to its sampling point in the plant. Furthermore, it ensures no need of spares or maintenance.
  • GREENER: Power consumption per analysis is 1% or less of the energy required by traditional gas chromatography

The enclosure is also modular and compact. The instrument can be installed outdoor with only rain and sun protection, or in very economical 3-sided shelters. No need of air conditioned shelter or analyser house. The enclosure has configurations for NEC, ATEX or IECEX hazardous areas, available with purge.

Furthermore, the instrument can be easily unplugged from the process and used for lab applications.

Check out the complete features in the datasheet


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