TRACER 2 – Hygrometer for UHP gases




Gas Industriali e Medicali, Laboratory / Research, Natural Gas, Pharmaceutical, Semiconductor

Measured gas

Argon – Ar, Helium – He, Hydrogen – H2, Nitrogen – N2, O2 – Oxigen



  • Description


For ultra-high-purity gas applications, the ability to detect moisture at exceptionally low levels is critical. With its unique design concept, the TRACER 2 pairs parts- per-billion (ppb) detection with fast response time. Plus, it is easy to use and it has the quick response required to maintain the UHP levels.

The TRACER 2 measures moisture through electrolysis. The electrical current generated relates directly to the moisture concentration in your gas.
And, because it relies on an absolute measure, the analyzer requires no sensor calibration.

A simple, robust design, make the TRACER 2 the most flexible moisture analyzer available. The unit itself is so compact that we can offer two devices in one optional panel-mount case. This feature not only saves space, but also permits you to measure two gas lines at a time.

The TRACER 2 addresses the need for accurate, reliable process controls, and moisture sampling at levels at or below single-digit ppbs.

Ideal for carts in particular and transport in general, this hygrometer is lightweight and built to sustain mechanical shock. Plus, there’s no need to restabilize, reset, recalibrate or in anyway reconfigure the instrument when you move from point to point, the unit continues to monitor in real-time, without delay.

The TRACER 2 unique new flow system does not require permeation tubes, complex manifolds or compressed air. Maintenance costs are further curbed by the minimal number of components used.

The TRACER 2 fits the bill for:

  • Semiconductor manufacturing
  • Inert and specialty gases
  • Component and system testing
  • Laboratory research
  • Other Applications. Unique circumstances can necessitate ppb moisture analysis in various industries, including Pharmaceuticals, ElectricPower, Refrigeration, Chemical and Petrochemicals, and Natural Gas Processing and Transmission.


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