Tytronics Sentinel – Analyzer sentinel


Calorimeter, Ion Selective Electrode, Titrator

Analyzed liquids

Water quality



  • Description



The Sentinel can measure the chemical composition of liquid processes from A (Aluminum) to Z (Zinc). It is the first on-line analyzer capable of both process chemical analysis and the monitoring of potable water and wastewater.

One of the keys to Tytronics leadership in on- line analysis is the commitment to provide the best possible methodology (colorimetry, ISE, colorimetric or potentiometric titrations) for the application at hand. Thus, you can be assured that your measurements of acids, ammonia, bases, metals, nitrate, phosphate, etc., are done in the very best way.

  • Colorimeter
    The colorimetric system uses dual wavelength optical configuration and an autoblank feature which compensate for background color and turbidity. Colorimetric sensors are used to make absorbance measurements for direct colorimetric measurements (Beers Law).

A submerged colorimetric probe measures the absorbance of the solution after reaction of sample and reagents. The probe is cleaned and rinsed between analyses, thus eliminating the problems of optics fouling.
The probe is made of Kynar™ and the reflector of Hastalloy C, which provides excellent chemical resistance. The probe can be supplied in two different optical pathlengths, 2 and 4 cm, determined by concentration

CALIBRATION: True multi-featured two point calibration technique allows trace analysis to be routinely checked by simply using distilled water. Periodic checking of span standard can be easily performed.

  • Titrator
    Tytronics Sentinel on-line colorimetric and potentiometric (pH and Redox) Titrations deliver simple, reliable and highly cost-effective on-line analysis. Acids, Alkalinity, Caustic, Carbonate, Cyanide, Hardness, Iron, Peroxide, Silver and many other analyses are common applications across a wide variety of process industries.

Tytronics’ Sentinel Titrators have the capability of performing single or dual end-point titrations. The Titrator is equipped with three detection methods (fixed, relative and derivative endpoint) to insure flexibility and accuracy. Expanded diagnostic capabilities include programmable learn cycles to automatically detect chemistry endpoints.

Users may program several methods and the system allows for multiple reagents to be added. Analyses are fully automatic in all cases. Users can easily change the frequency of analysis and calibration, as well as most of the default values, to improve or customize a setup; three different access levels provide system security. The Tytronics Sentinel also features a full auto- cleaning capability for reliability and reduced maintenance. In sum, this results in an extremely reliable, flexible, and user- friendly general- purpose Titrator.

CALIBRATION: Automatic calibration is user- selectable and configurable with calibration repeat and alarm limits.

  • ISE
    Potentiometric sensors are used for ion selective measurements. The single known addition (SKA) technique compensates for electrode drift on every analysis. Tytronics Sentinel ISE analyzer is fitted as standard with an RTD-100 temperature sensor which permits automatic temperature compensation of the analysis. Direct Method is used for high concentration analysis.

CALIBRATION: Automatic calibration is user-selectable and configurable with calibration repeat and alarm limits. The calibration is performed using the SKA method on a calibration standard.

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