UBER M-I – In-line moisture monitor


Electrolytic (P2O5)


Food & Beverage, Gas Industriali e Medicali, Laboratory / Research, Natural Gas

Measured gas

Water – H2O



  • Description


Reliable, versatile, easy to use and useful for multiple applications: MEECO Uber M-I is the world’s smallest and cheapest moisture analyzer. Moreover, Uber M-I is now available in portable (Uber GO) and benchtop (Uber LAB) versions, all with new features.

  • The Uber M-I transmitter can be installed at your point of use and the sensor is designed for quick and easy replacement in the field.
  • Uber LAB, bench version, eases testing, has a small footprint and an angled rise for comfortable visual access
  • Uber GO is the transportable version, equipped with a waterproof and dustproof case

MEECO’s legendary electrolytic technology offers ultra-high performance, drift-free, no need of calibration and a wide range of ranges – from 0.5 to 2500 ppmV. The consumable parts are reduced to the P2O5 sensor and the sustainable design makes Uber M-I the ideal tool for a variety of applications.

Main features:

  •  Analog 4-20 mA and RS-232 serial outputs
  • Two field adjustable LED alarms, with dedicated relay outputs
  • Enclosure designed for easy access to internal components

Uber M-I comes with a full two-year calibration certificate. The cell can be easily replaced in the field, without the need to disconnect the unit from the sample stream!

Download the datasheet with complete technical specifications

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