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Analizzatore dell’Indice di Wobbe e Air Demand

The Application:
As economic alternative to fossil fuels in industrial furnaces the use of caloric Off-gases from industrial processes has become common in the past years. The composition of these Off-gases is subject to high fluctuations due to the origin of the gases. Therefore the continuous and accurate measurement of the Wobbe-Index and the Air demand of the Off-gases are essential to adjust the air supply to the burners to the ever changing gas quality. The safe and complete combustion of the Off-gases by controlling the Air demand is a must to achieve the economic use of the fuel in combination with minimal flue gas emissions

The Measuring principle:

The principle of the RHADOXTM Analysers for measurement of Wobbe-Index and Air demand in industrial Off-gases is based on the determination of the Air demand to achieve complete combustion. A sample of the fuel gas and air are brought to identical temperature and pressure and are mixed homogenous. The resulting gas and air mixture is then oxidised in a catalytic reactor. During oxidation the Oxygen content of the gas mixture is measured continuously. By integrating the calibration parameters Wobbe-index and Air demand are measured. Wobbe-Index and Air demand are the essential parameters for steady burner control.

The Measuring system:

The RHADOX™ Analysers are mounted on a metal mounting plate with the components catalytic reactor, gas mixing chamber, electronic evaluation unit, power supply and measuring signal distribution installed in separated sheet metal housings. The housings of the components are manufactured for General Purpose in protection class IP 65. If required the RHADOX™ Analysers can also be supplied as integrated system installed in a analyser shelter including gas monitoring. The analyser shelter does not have to be air conditioned. However the operating temperature has to be observed (see technical data below). The Wobbe-Analyser RHADOX 1000 is calibrated by using two calibration gases which represent the low and high measuring range which have to be determined for every Off-gas individually. The calibration is started manually from the analyser main menu. Integrated automation components allow access to the system by remote control. The RHADOX™ Analysers are available for use in hazardous areas classified as Zone 1 and 2. The RHADOX™ Analysers are designed for continuous operation in industrial applications.

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