xCHROM – Gas Chromatograph





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The APT xCHROM Gas Chromatograph is specifically designed for the analysis of impurities in a wide range of gas applications.

Depending on the required application, each xCHROM GC is configured with specific chromatography components and uses different detector technologies, which can be:

  • DID (Discharge Ionisation Detector) – xCHROM 1000
  • ADD (Argon Discharge Detector) – xCHROM 2000
  • FID (Flame Ionisation Detector) – xCHROM 3000
  • TCD (Thermal Conductivity Detector) – xCHROM 4000

The interactive touch screen has an easy-to-use user interface with guided functionalities and enables the operator to easily achieve guaranteed applications. With a quick start up time and fast detector response, operation of the APT xCHROM is swift, precise and straightforward. Moreover, the packed columns with their independent column ovens and individual temperature controllers also maintain exceptional stability, accuracy and repeatability.

xCHROM Gas Chromatograph is designed with volume-optimised pipe work, using only VCR compression stainless steel fittings and avoiding possible contamination. The modular design with a drop-down front panel for easy access to the electronics allows maintenance and assistance without problems. In addition, the TrendVision PLUS Software lets the operator have complete control of results and standards. Therefore, this robust system ensures an excellent stability, sensitivity and a long working life.

APT Engineering Team will custom design and test an analytical solution to meet your application.

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